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Try one of our amazing special dishes

From our special country platter to our tender, mouthwatering T-bone steak, whatever you choose, it's a great choice! Our chefs are always ready to cook up a delicious meal, and have specially crafted each of these dishes.

We have spent the last 20 years crafting these amazing dishes, combining delicious, traditional Colombian cuisine with our own special creations.

Stop by our restaurant today for an amazing deal on great food, or give us a call.


Platos Tipicos / Typical Dishes

Bandeja Tipica



Arroz frijoles carne asada o molida, maduro, chicharron, chorizo, arepa

Country Platter - rice, beans, grilled or ground meat, fried sweet plantain, pork skin, sausages, and corn cake

Sink your teeth into our mouthwatering special dishes.


We have special dishes the whole family can enjoy, all seared and cooked to absolute perfection.

You'll be amazed by these incredible special creations.

Carne Asada

Try one of the most traditional steak dishes, served with rice, beans, and fried sweet plantains, cooked to mouthwatering perfection. If you only ever try one of our specials, this should be it!

Price: $16.45

T-Bone Steak

There's nothing better than the sizzling sound of a steak getting its perfectly crispy, delicious, scrumptious sear, sealing in all its juicy flavors. Try our take on steak today!

Price: $22.95

Carne Asada


Arroz, frijol, maduro

Grilled steak, rice, beans and fried sweet plantain

Bistec A La Criolla A Caballo O



Arroz, frijoles

Top round steak in creole sauce or topped with a fried egg or sautéed with onions, rice, and beans



Arroz, frijoles y maduro

Sirloin steak, rice, beans and fried sweet plantain



Arroz, frijoles y maduro

Skirt steak, rice, beans and fried sweet plantain

Lomo Asado O Salteado


Arroz, frijoles y papas fritas

Grilled or sautéed pork loin, rice, beans and French fries

Chuleta Empanizada


Arroz, frijoles, papas fritas

Breaded pork chops, rice, beans and French fries

Chuletas Asadas Y Fritas


Arroz, frijoles, papas fritas

Grilled or fried pork chops, rice, beans, French fries

Chuleton Al Tiesto


Arroz, frijoles y maduro

Sirloin steak, rice, beans and fried sweet plantain

T-Bone Steak


Arroz, frijoles y papa cocida

T-bone steak, rice, beans and broiled potato

Frijol Con Garra


Arroz, frijoles, chicharron, maduro y arepa

Beans with pork, rice, beans, pork skin, fried sweet plantain and corn cake

Parrillada De Carnes


Churrasco, carne asada, lomo de cerdo, pechuga de pollo, chuleta frita

Grilled mixed cuts, grilled sirloin steak, pork loin, chicken breast, fried pork chops

Entraña Con Camarones


Arroz y papas fritas

Skirt steak topped with shrimp, rice and French fries

Picada Especial


Costilla, pollo, chorizo, tostones y arepa

Mixed cuts of ribs, chicken, sausage, fried green plantain and corn cake

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