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Woodhaven, NY

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Stop in today for one of our amazing seafood dishes. Every dish is made with only the freshest ingredients – it's the next best thing to catching it yourself! You'll be absolutely amazed at what our chefs can create with these top notch ingredients.

Over the last 20 years in the restaurant business we have devoted ourselves to creating the best seafood dishes possible using Colombian style cooking.

Stop by our restaurant today or give us a call to learn more about our seafood dishes.


Mariscos / Seafood

Parrillada De Mariscos



Grilled mixed seafood

Churrasco Marinado Arroz Y Papas Fritas


Sirloin steak topped with seafood, rice and French fries

Pargo Rojo Frito Arroz Y Tostones


Fried red snapper, rice and fried green plantain

Fresh, amazing fish is served up every day in our restaurant.

Try any of our amazing Colombian style fish dishes, cooked up just for you.

We have seafood dishes every member of your family can enjoy.

Pargo Al Ajillo


Red snapper sautéed in garlic sauce, rice and green plantain

Parrillada De Mariscos

Can't decide what bit of seafood is your favorite? There's no reason to settle on just one! Try our complete mix of grilled seafood, all cooked to absolute perfection. It's perfect for sharing!

Price: $50.00


You must try our delicious mix of squid, octopus, and scallops. There's never been a greater deal on such great seafood, all cooked in a delectable mix by our amazing chefs.

Price: $16.50

Pargo Marinado Arroz Y Papas Fritas


Red snapper topped with seafood, rice and French fries

Viudo De Pescado


Pargo sudado, consome, yuca, papa sudada, arroz

Boiled red snapper Colombian style, consome, casava, steamed potato, rice

Langostinos A La Plancha,

Al Ajillo O Scalpi


Arroz y papas fritas

Grilled in garlic sauce or in garlic and lemon sauce, jumbo shrimp-rice and French fries

Arroz Marinero Papas Fritas


Rice with mixed seafood, French fries

Arroz Con Camarones Papas Fritas


Rice with shrimp, French fries

Filete Marinado Arroz Y Papas Fritas


Fillet of sole topped with seafood, rice and French fries

Filete Empanizado Arroz Y Papas Fritas


Breaded fish fillet, rice and French fries

Salmon Rosado A La Plancha O En Salsa


Arroz y papas fritas

Grilled or in sauce salmon, rice and French fries

Salmon Marinado Arroz Y Papas Fritas


Salmon topped with seafood, rice and French fries

Mojarra Sudada O Frita


Arroz y tostones

Boiled or fried porgie, rice and fried green plantain

Salmon Afrodisiaco Arroz


Salmon / rice

Cazuela De Mariscos


Arroz y papa frita

Mixed seafood casserole, rice and French fries

Paella Dona Maria


Special rice with assorted seafood, ribs and sausage

Sopa De Mariscos


Arroz y papas fritas

Seafood soup, rice and French fries

Asopado De Camaron


Arroz y papas fritas

Assorted seafood soup, rice and French fries

Plato Mediterraneo


Langostinos, clams, churrasco lomo, pechuga arroz y papa frita

Mediterranean Plate - shrimp, clams, steak, pork loin, chicken breast, rice and French fries

Ensalada Mixta De Mariscos


Mixed seafood salad



Squid, octopus and scallops

Fresh fish served up daily

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Ceviche Mixto


Mixed Seafood Ceviche

Pargo Primavera Pargo frito, relleno de arroz con Camarones y Tostones


Red snapper filled with rice and Green Plantain