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Just as brunch is the perfect marriage between breakfast and lunch, our dishes are the perfect marriage between exotic flavor and old favorites. Stop in today and see what our amazing chefs have started cooking up!

You'll be amazed by our great dishes, friendly staff, and extraordinary deals. Stop in today and see what over 20 years in the restaurant business have allowed us to create.

Stop in today for brunch or a fast lunch, or give us a call to learn more.


Brunch Latino (New!)




Calentado especial con chicharrón, huevos fritos, chorizo, arepa con queso y mimosa



Fajitas, pico de gallo, tortilla, guacamole, sour cream, arroz amarillo, frijól y mimosa



Mangú, queso blanco, huevos fritos, salami y mimosa


Hamburguesa Full Equipo



Hamburguesa de carne fresca con tomate, lechuga, huevo, tocineta, queso cubierta con potato chips.

Hamburger Full Team - hamburger with tomato, lettuce, egg, bacon, cheese covered with potato chips.

Stop in today for our newest addition to our menu – brunch!


Try any of our incredible brunch combinations – they're delicious and affordable.

Get fast food style meals made with delicious, fresh ingredients.

Family Lunch Special

Get an amazing lunch for the whole family, all for an amazing price. Your whole family is sure to love it, and you are sure to love the great deal! Stop in today and treat your family.

Price: $19.00

New Brunch Deals

Stop in this morning for our latest, possibly greatest new addition to our menu – Colombiano, Mexicano, and Dominicano brunch specials! They are all delicious, and all wonderfully priced.

Price: $15.95

Hamburguesa Hawaiana


Deliciosa hamburguesa con un sabor tropical con salsa de piña, lechuga y queso.

Hawaiian Hamburger - delicious hamburger with tropical flavor with pineapple sauce, lettuce and tomato.

Pollo Burguesa


Exquisita pechuga apanada y jugosa, con lechuga, tomate y nuestra salsa de mango original o salsa a su gusto.

Chicken Burger - delicious and juicy chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and our mango original sauce.

Hamburguesa Doña Maria


La mejor hamburguesa de la casa con doble carne, queso, tomate y lechuga con salsa al gusto cubierta con potato chips.

Dona Maria Style Hamburger - the best hamburger of the house with double meat, cheese, tomato and lettuce covered with potato chips

Hamburguesa Combo


Hamburguesa de carne fresca con tomate y lechuga, huevo, tocineta, queso cubierto, papa frita y soda.

Hamburger Combo - hamburger with tomato, lettuce, egg, bacon, cheese covered with French fries and soda


Sandwich Cubano



Pernil fresco con jamon y queso suizo con pan frances caliente

Cuban Sandwich - Pork leg with ham and Swiss cheese in hot French bread

Milanesa De Pollo O Carne


Deliciosa pechuga de pollo o carne empanizada con tomate, lechuga, en pan frances, salsa al gusto

Chicken or Breast Milanesa Sandwich - breaded chicken or meat with tomato, lettuce in French bread

Bistec Encebollado


Bistec encebollado en un pan frances, riquisimo con salsa a su gusto

Steak Onion Sandwich - steak, onion in French bread with sauce


Perro Tipico



Clásico perro fresco con mostaza y salsa de tomate

Typical Hotdog - classic fresh hotdog with mustard and tomato sauce

Perro Hawaiano


Un perro caliente con exquisita salsa de piña y queso para satisfacer su paladar

Hawaiian Hotdog - hotdog with delicious pineapple sauce and cheese to satisfy your taste

Perro Combo


Perro caliente con huevo, queso, tocineta y salsa completo con papas fritas y soda

Combo Hotdog - hotdog with egg, cheese, bacon and sauce with French fries and soda

Sopas Del Dia / Soups of the Day

Lunes / Monday



Sancocho de carne / Beef soup

Martes / Tuesday

$5.50 / $6.50

Sopa de vegetales / Vegetable soup

Miercoles / Wednesday

Sopa de pollo / Chicken soup

Jueves / Thursday

Sopa de tostones / Fried green plantain soup

Viernes / Friday

Sopa de lentejas / Lentil soup

Sabado / Saturday

Sancocho de gallina / Hen soup

Domingo / Sunday

Sopa de pollo / Chicken soup

$4.50 / $5.50

$5.50 / $6.50

$5.50 / $6.50

$6.00 / $6.50

$4.50 / $5.50


Canastita De Platano



Un delicioso toston relleno con chicharron ó pollo ó carne o camarón ó mixto en salsa de la casa

Fried Plantain Basket - Fried plantain filled with pork chunks or beef or chicken or shrimp or mix in sauce

Arepas Rellenas


Arepas rellenas con chicharron ó pollo o carne ó camaron ó mixto, y salsa de la casa

Filled Corn Cake - Filled corn cake with pork chunks or beef or chicken or shrimp or mix in sauce



Queso derretido con chicharron ó pollo ó carne ó camaron ó mixto, envuelto en una tortilla fresca y salsa verde

Wrap - melted cheese with pork chunks or chicken or beef or shrimp or mix in sauce



Papa a la francesa y salchichas en salsa rosada

French Fries with Sausage in Pink Sauce

Ensalada Cesar


Ensalada verde fresca con tiras de pechuga y salsa al gusto

Caesar Salad

Chicken Nuggets




Empanadas calientitas de carne

Beef Patty

Mini Picada


Chorizo, chicharron, carne, tostones, papas y arepa

Fried sausage, pork chunks, green plantain, potato and corn cake



Costilla, pollo, chorizo, chicharron, carne, tostones, papas, yuca y arepa

Fried spare ribs, chicken, sausage, pork chunks, green plantain, potato, cassava and corn cake

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Brunch Latino

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